Before we discuss the preparation questions for the interview, it is necessary to know what recruiting is? It is the process of actively seeking, attracting and hiring qualified candidates for a specific position or job.
Recruiting is not just about filling positions though, it’s about connecting the right talent with the right opportunities. Look at the interview as a chance for career advancement – it’s an opportunity to showcase your skills, experience and personality. An interview is essentially a conversation where both parties – the company representative and the candidate – try to understand each other better. Remember, it’s not just about impressing the interviewer, it’s about whether the role and the company align with your career goals and values.

Let’s review some basic questions that are often discussed in an interview.

Let’s review some basic questions that are often discussed in an interview

Tell me more about yourself?

This question is an opportunity to briefly share with the employer information about your professional experience, skills and competencies. Tailor your answer to the job requirements as much as possible to highlight relevant experience. Focus on proud, meaningful accomplishments that will also demonstrate your suitability for the role. Keep it concise and remember, this meeting is about getting to know you better – mention what you want them to know about you.

Tell me about what makes you qualified for this position:

Here, the interviewer wants to know how your past experience matches the requirements of the position. Review the job description beforehand and identify the specific skills and experience the employer is looking for. Prepare examples from your previous roles that demonstrate your ability to perform similar tasks or handle responsibilities effectively.

What is your main strength/weakness?

This question is designed to assess your self-esteem and ability to reflect on your professional abilities. When discussing strengths, focus on skills and qualities that are relevant to the job and that set you apart from other candidates. When discussing weaknesses, be honest but strategic. Choose a weakness that you have been actively working to improve and discuss the steps you have taken to correct it.

Can you describe a problem you recently encountered and how you solved it?

Employers want to appreciate your critical thinking and ability to overcome challenges. Be prepared to discuss specific examples where you identified a problem, analyzed the situation, and took appropriate action. Outline your problem-solving process where you demonstrated collaboration or innovative thinking. Emphasize your ability to remain calm under pressure and adapt to changing circumstances.

What do you know about our company?

Before entering the interview, you should not forget to find information about the company whose representative you are meeting with. This will highlight both your interest and motivation to learn more about them. Search on Google, review news articles and check their social media for relevant updates.

Motivation to move to a new company:

Employers want to know why you are interested in joining their organization in particular. Be prepared to articulate your reasons for wanting to move, whether it’s the opportunity for career growth, alignment with the company’s values ​​and mission, or the opportunity to work with an outstanding team. Show genuine enthusiasm for the role and the company, and outline how your skills and experience match their needs and goals.

Remember, preparation for the interview is important for conducting it well. Be authentic, confident and enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization.