Welcome and thank you for your interest in the GrowMore Recruitment Internship Program

GrowMore seeks serious and ambitious individuals of all career levels, backgrounds and experiences, who want to learn new skills and progress their career in the talent acquisition industry. Our mission is to connect talented people with great organisations, helping businesses grow through a customer centric approach.

In association with the Talent Acquisition Association of Georgia, we’ve built a robust, hands on learning opportunity for those that want real-world business experience that is hard to find anywhere else nationally.

Interns will have a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with GrowMore’s Recruitment Tbilisi based talent acquisition experts and associated business unit team members to learn and master the recruitment industry best practices.

If you’re interested, please apply for this opportunity now for our next intake in February 2023.

Applicants must be

Be at least 18 years of age to apply

Speak and write English fluently

Have a positive
personality and be
dedicated to learn

Be a Georgian
national or have a
valid work visa/permit

What you get

Mentoring: 1:1 mentorship, coaching and buddying up with our Senior Consultants

Projects: Work on live recruitment drives (best way to learn is practice, our interns work on real projects)

Salary: This is a paid position, including a monthly salary, taxes, pension contributions and paid holidays

Training: Get access to our curated e-learning platform to become a top-tier recruitment consultant

Team: You get embedded within a professional team so you may get daily hands on learning experience

Tools: We pay for all the licences and necessary IT solutions to fulfil your obligations

What to expect

Our internships are designed to give you maximum insight into the recruitment industry and hiring best practices so you can be prepared to build your future career in the talent acquisition space.

You will learn hands on tactics to build recruitment drives, find and screen talent and manage the onboarding processes. We focus in giving our interns real-life intellectual challenges, which cannot be learned at a university.

You’ll gain immediate exposure to client assignments. You’ll do work that takes you out of your comfort zone and offers you something new and unexpected every day.

What we look for

You need to be ambitious and really want to get a foot in the door in this industry. We firmly believe that attitude cannot be taught, so only engage the most motivated candidates for our program. We spend a lot of time, money and energy mentoring candidates, so expect a reciprocal approach throughout the process.

Your Development

Many of our interns go on to join us in full time roles straight after the internship. We ensure our program has the benefit of preparing the candidate with real life work experience so provide as much insight as possible into your future career.

This means giving you opportunities to contribute to client recruitment drives and experience first-hand what we do and how we do it. By the end of your time here, you’ll have a clear understanding of the hiring business and the different career pathways you could pursue with us.

Our Benefits

As well as getting a salary from day one, you’ll enjoy paid time off and any other standard benefits our employees enjoy including working remotely.