Preserving Business Continuity During a Crisis

GrowMore is committed to maintaining business operations and processes as usual for our clients and providing top level support for our candidates and staff in times of need.

The sustained success of an organization relies on it continually meeting the needs and expectations of its customers or clients. Business continuity management (BCM) is an ongoing process of planning and monitoring helping to protect an organization from potential disruptions and maintains critical activities if disruption does occur whilst assisting in the recovery following any disruptions.

Business continuity management is a business-owned, business-driven process that establishes a fit-for-purpose strategic operational framework that:

Proactively improves an organizations’ resilience against the disruption of its ability to achieve its key objectives

Provides a rehearsed method of restoring an organization’s ability to supply its key services to an agreed level within an appropriate period of time after disruption occurs

Delivers a proven capability to manage a business disruption and protect the organizations’ reputation and brand

Business Continuity with GrowMore

We are committed to providing continuity of services at all times for our customers and candidates. Our leadership team is continuously assessing every aspect of our operational, infrastructural and employee processes, to make sure we are ready to counter force majeure issues that may arise due to war, death, fire, pandemics, natural disasters and other Acts of God. We have conducted extensive due diligence and implemented risk management procedures and measures for every circumstance, making sure that we can resume performance at the earliest convenience for our stakeholders.

As concerns develop, we are prepared to rapidly respond to the crises’, ensuring the safety and health of our employees in accordance with guidance from local governments and public health authorities and, when necessary, adjusting our operations to maintain continuity of service.

Our plan aims to prepare our business in the event of extended service outages caused by factors beyond our control and to restore services to the widest extent possible in a minimum time frame to alleviate any disruption to all of our stakeholders. The outcome of this plan is to ensure that our business is able to maintain a good level of uninterrupted service to our key stakeholders both (clients, candidates, contractors and employees).

What steps we have taken to ensure our services have minimal interruption

All of our professionals are located in secure locations so we are ensure that they have access to the workplace and provide uninterrupted delivery

All processes are equipped with high-efficiency generators which guarantee uninterrupted power supply, enabling us to stay in touch 24/7 and provide a full range of services even in case of power outages

In case of force majeure circumstances, in which the participation of one of the team members becomes impossible, we have contracted an offshore supplier who will ensure the introduction of a new specialist for any outstanding tasks in a short period of time (usually within 8 hours)

All team results are copied to secure GIT servers daily, which guarantees safety of the existing development and its accessibility in any part of the world

In addition we created an algorithm of interaction between the customer and the project manager – in unpredictable situations, we inform the customer about the unforeseen situation in the shortest possible time frame (up to 30 minutes) and offer possible pre-planned solutions