Welcome to our Laws and Regulations resource page, where you’ll find comprehensive information on the Georgian Governments’ employment laws and codes for easy access. We hope you find these resources useful. You can find more documentation on the Legislative Herald of Georgia website:

Labour Code of Georgia

Law of Georgia on Occupational Health and Safety

Law of Georgia on Facilitating Employment

Law of Georgia on the Labor Inspection Service

Civil Code of Georgia

Registering a labor immigrant employed in Georgia

Understanding Georgian Labour Laws: A Comprehensive Guide by GrowMore Recruitment

Georgia’s thriving economy and business environment are attracting global attention. With a rapidly growing economy and a “Very Easy” ease of doing business rating, the country offers immense potential for market expansion and increased profitability. As a leading recruitment agency in Tbilisi, GrowMore Recruitment is here to help you navigate the complex landscape of Georgian labour laws.

Why Georgian labour Laws Matter to You

Understanding and complying with local laws is paramount to successful business operations in Georgia. Whether you’re an employer looking to expand your team in Tbilisi or a job seeker aiming to understand your rights, our comprehensive guide on Georgian labour laws will serve as your essential resource.

Downloadable Content: Georgian labour Laws

  • Labour Code of Georgia: A foundational document outlining the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees.
  • Law of Georgia on Occupational Health and Safety: Ensuring a safe working environment is not just an ethical obligation but a legal one. This law guides you through the necessary safety measures.
  • Law of Georgia on Facilitating Employment: This law focuses on creating opportunities and facilitating employment across various sectors.
  • Law of Georgia on the labour Inspection Service: Understand the regulatory body that oversees compliance with labour laws.

These documents are available for download on this page, providing you with easy access to essential legal information.

How GrowMore Recruitment Can Assist You

At GrowMore Recruitment, we don’t just connect employers with top talent, we also ensure that every process is sound and well-organised, complying with local laws and regulations. Our comprehensive service offerings ease the process, allowing you to prioritise your team’s success.

Enhance Your Knowledge with Our Services

  • Navigating Employment and Benefits with GrowMore: Partner with us to manage payroll, tax, benefits, and compliance.
  • Public Holidays and Enhancing Employee Well-Being: Discover national and regional public holidays and plan effectively with our support.

Embark on Success with GrowMore Recruitment

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