Minimum wage in Georgia

Minimum wage in Georgia
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Minimum monthly salary in Georgia is GEL 20

According to the current legislation, the minimum monthly salary in Georgia is GEL 20. This amount was determined in 1999 by the decree of the then president and has not been changed until now.

However, almost all developed countries of the world have a minimum wage legislation:

  • In the USA it’s USD $7.25 an hour
  • In Germany, it is EUR 12 per hour
  • In Canada it is almost CAD $16

Even in our neighbouring countries, the minimum wage is regulated, in Armenia it’s $167 per month, and in Azerbaijan it’s $176 per month.

Geostat statistics for 2022 show that the minimum subsistence monthly amount makes up GEL 253.90 which is at least 12.5 times higher than the current government mandated amount. Because the minimum wage is almost non-existent, employers can and sometimes do take advantage of the situation, making it unfair for hardworking employees.

We have recently shared our corporate concerns regarding the minimum wage in Georgia. The Center for Progress’s Responsible Business Award 2022, which concentrates on local organisational business practices, gave us an opportunity to to focus and share our thoughts on this issue.

Why update and increase the minimum wage at the legislative level

This will help protect workers in starting positions from exploitation and increase household income which will result in better employee satisfaction and add more revenue through income taxes for infrastructure and social welfare development programs.

We are for fairness and equality and definitely support the introduction of the minimum wage. We believe that the monthly minimum should be determined and constantly reviewed in line with the consumer price index and official inflation statistics and be at least 3 to 5 times the amount of the subsistence minimum as defined by Geostat .

GEL253.90 x 5 = GEL 1,269.50 per month

Our policies

GrowMore’s salaries are reviewed bi-annually and increased based on employee

performance through professional development reviews (PDRs). We work in line with the consumer price index and as a minimum, take the annual national inflation rate as a target e.g. 13% pa.

On average, our employees have attained between 25% and 125% increases this last year.

We have high standards for our employees, regarding corporate social responsibility, and follow multiple policies in place that govern how we run our business:

For us it’s important to go beyond providing excellent talent but also giving back to our community by working on initiatives which benefit everyone.

We strive to engage in activities that ensure our and our staff’s financial health by creating fair working conditions and abiding by all relevant labour laws.

GrowMore is committed to encouraging equality, diversity, and inclusion among our workforce and eliminating unlawful discrimination.

  • Gender Balance

We pledge to achieve a gender balance of 50/50 within our team by the fourth quarter of 2023, promoting an equal work environment while improving client retention and organic growth.

We minimise the impact of all our activities, from storing documentation in digital format, avoiding travel, sorting waste, and maximising recycling.

What can we do for you

We wish to assist you in finding a job that would provide you with social security. We may begin with a complimentary resume evaluation. Let the industry experts review your CV, book a free call!